Trends of 2018: Marble

Marble is making a comeback through millennials appreciation for its natural characteristics . It began to reappear as veneering and virtual wallpapers, then the comeback was complete! People are wanting that one-of-a-kind look. Most want something just slightly different enough to reflect their personality. This can be achieved through the detail of the marble veins. These markings are unique, delicate and are  bundled with history to keep the eye engaged. The grains resemble the 'Wabi Sabi style' or the beautiful art of imperfection.


Most commonly seen are the white slab marble with black veins. This style has a timeless simplicity. It is a look that effortlessly pairs with your traditional, modern, or contemporary space with ease. To embellish the marble, add in metal detailing. Ornamentation will bring out the pattern of the marble without overwhelming it. A marble side table paired with thin metal legs will add a modern twist to the classic. For a luxurious look, add a touch of gold. If you have a busy space, we recommend toning down the number of pieces.

A texture material will complement the sleek look of the marble.  A coarse stone is often seen with marble in decorative bowls and vases.  Last but not least marble tops with a wood base fits snugly in a minimal home while giving  plenty to admire. For those more bold, try marble in its variety of natural color. A fan favorite is black marble. It has the elegance of its counterpart sprinkle with that touch of drama. No two marble slab are the same.

 Marble adds class and character to any style of the home. It has been admired for centuries  and remains a staple in the design world.



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