5 Ways to Decorate For Back To School

It's that time of year again, back to school. However this time you're looking to decorate your college apartment with a minimalist approach making it an inviting and more open space to be productive. Here are some of our tips and some suggested pieces you can add to your college space.


#1. Multipurpose Furniture is your Friend

Day Beds are perfect for small studio apartments and bachelors since they serve as a sofa during the day and can be switched to a bed at night. The Marcello Sectional Bed is a small compact sectional that can turn into a bed effortlessly with a swing of the chaise. The chaise pulls out to store your blanket and sleeping needs conveniently in one package.  


#2. Create a wall using a Bookcase Divider

Dividing the room into two living areas using an open bookcase can add personality and provides easily accessible storage. Displaying items that show your guest your favorite hobbies as well as the books you treasure adds identity to your space. The Trevor Open Back Bookcase is simple in design making it a smart and sophisticated selection of furniture to add to your space.


#3. Utilize Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your small space can work wonders. Mirrors can help create illusions making the room feel more spacious than it is. The more reflective surfaces you have, the larger your space will look. Made out of beautiful solid oak with a wax finish, The Crosby Mirrors can magically open up your room.



#4. Placing a Rug

Adding a rug can freshen up your entire space as well as bringing in some comfort along the way. Rugs come in many patterns, shapes and sizes but be sure to select a rug that fits accordingly and make sure it ties the colors in the entire room together. Choosing a rug with some color can definitely bring your room to life.


#5. Use Storage Ottomans

You want to save as much room as possible, having furniture that can be used as storage puts you in the right direction. Choosing an ottoman or bench with closed storage units can help store loose odds and ends, keeping your place free from clutter. The Akira Bench includes versatility and is equally comfortable as a bedside chest or as a dresser of the foot of your bed. Easy access storage and comfort seating is readily available.



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Patrik Lounge Chair
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