Trends for Winter 2018/Spring 2019

The following are the most sought after trends for winter this year and spring 2019 to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Early this year, velvets & marble had major comebacks and we are not seeing it diminish for the next few years. Nowadays, there are no escaping from the trends but they change and evolve based on personalization. From trending paint colours to mix-and match styles and to trends that are timeless, we accumulated a number of styles you can apply to your next reno.

New Nordic

It’s a modern take of the ever sought-after Scandinavian style. Creating a warm, inviting space to lounge from the dark winter months. Mix dark pigment paints, light stained woods, and soft tonal textures.

Colours: Blush pink, navy blue, off-white canvas

Luxe Revival

The revival of the 1930’s “Streamline Moderne” has become a magnet for both designers and enthusiasts. For this trend, we are seeing furniture with Art Deco rounded shapes, mixing brass with *marble, velvet and finished with soft linear designs. 

*For additional information about marbles please see “Trends of 2018: Marble” 

Colours: Burnished gold, dusty rose, ochre, emerald green

Wabi-Sabi Style

This Japanese trend is gaining popularity with young professionals and minimalists, without the overall commitment. Wabi-Sabi is centred on a “world view of acceptance of transience and imperfection”. The main concept rests on decluttering with the aesthetics of symmetry, roughness, simplicity, austerity and mixing natural/earthy objects. 

Colours: grey tones, off white, minimal accent colours

Modern Neutrals

This trend combines elements of simplicity, warmness, and with an overall emphasis on natural-looking pieces. This style concept can be combined with Scandinavian & midcentury-inspired furniture with natural patinas and soft grey colours to create a calming effect (diffuser and essential oils anyone?).

Colours: soft grey tones, natural wood stains like maple or oak

These are the most anticipated trends for the next two seasons. Which trend would create your ideal home?


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