Trends of 2018: Velvet

Velvet has been on the top design trends of 2018 and it’s here to stay. Velvet is a magical material that gives the space a sophisticated look while providing softness and distinctive texture. Its iconic sheen shimmers in a well lit environment.

Once limited for nobility, it is now part of the mainstream culture. The material has become more fade, stain and abrasion resistant with the advances in fabric technology. It has become a favorite for many with maintenance now manageable.

To choose the right velvet piece, look around your space and determine where it is you want it. Texture and finish gives a room dimension, and velvet has these strong characteristic. Choosing velvet can be overwhelming at first. We recommend starting with a accent piece if you are new to the material. Purchasing an accent pillow for your sofa can give you a feel of what the material is like before diving into a bigger commitment. Accent the colours currently in your room for a unison look.

Velvet is a statement on a big chair. Its soft plush feeling will make your seat a inviting nock in your reading room, bedroom, or living area. Match your sofa with a good velvet lounge chair for a luxurious look.

Velvet works with sofas as well. It can be use to amplified the impact on simple design or accentuate the curves of a modern piece. With a rich color, it can work with ornament like tufting and studs giving the sofa a grandiose look. However don’t worry if the heavy style is not for you, a lighter color, like a pretty blush is also an option. A light velvet sofa can be the kick to tie that minimal room together.


Think of velvet as a beautiful art piece that can create elegance to your space and add an avant-garde touch. Velvet is a feature. Avoid an all-velvet furniture scheme and use humbler materials like wood and ceramics with it to form a nice visual balance in your home.


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