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At Shelter, we understand the importance of safeguarding your newly purchased upholstery from stains so that you can relax with confidence. This is why we offer an optional fabric protection service. 

Made from a non-toxic and water-based solution, this protection creates an invisible barrier that is embedded within the fabric. This allows the solution to bind within each strand, preventing against a variety of common household spills from becoming permanent stains. These include; oil, food, beverages, inks and some cosmetics. In fact, most spills simply bead-up on the surface of the fabric, where you can wipe them up, without a trace. 


STEP 1: Our Customer Service Representatives will contact you shortly after delivery to arrange a convenient service appointment. We provide daytime, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments to help fit your busy lifestyle.

STEP 2: Our uniformed Service Technicians will arrive in a timely manner for your scheduled appointment to properly protect your new home furnishings. Service appointments usually take about half an hour, although your furniture will need three hours to dry before you use it again.

STEP 3: Our Service Technician will apply a coating of fabric protection to your upholstery. Our protective products are water-based, non-toxic, environmentally friendly products designed to improve your fabric's water-resistance and oil-resistance, effectively creating a stain proof barrier around each and every fiber, without changing the original colour or texture of your fine fabrics. Once dry, MagiSeal fabric protection will prevent normal household food and drink spills from becoming permanent stains. They will simply wipe up without a trace.

STEP 4: In the event that an accidental spill cannot be removed, our service technicians will be dispatched to your home to correct the problem, free of charge, as many times as you may require over the next five years.

By adding fabric protection to your order, you can be rest assured that we've got you covered from both stains and damages while also offering 5-year service coverage in case anything arises after your purchase. 

  • Household Food and Beverages
  • Human and Pet Bodily Fluids 
  • Pen Ink and Crayons
  • Cosmetics and Nail Polish
  • Household Grease and Oils
  • 5 Year Service Coverage for Furniture
  • 1 Year Service Coverage for Rugs
  • Expert Advice
  • In Home Service
  • Unlimited Service Requests

Please contact us at (416) 783-3333 or email us at for more information.