Decorating with Mirrors

A mirror is a picture frame that reflects a scene that you like. A simple example would be a vanity mirror which reflects yourself. However a mirror can be used for so much more. In a open room like a living  or dining area, it is often placed above a buffet or credenza on a wall. Depending on the choice of mirror, this configuration can serve different purposes.

A large mirror on a credenza will create an optical illusion of space as it reflects the length of the room. Placing it across from a window will expose the stunning outdoor view and bring a bit of natural element into your home. If the outdoor is not your thing, consider having it reflect your favourite painting and let it be viewed in a different way. Don’t be afraid to go big. If the goal is to create space, also consider an oversized floor mirror. Placing it in an open concept area can unify the space as the reflection will start from the floor for a clear view of the entire space.

A over sized horizontal mirror hung above the buffet will have a similar illusion while limiting the view. When hung higher, the mirror will reflect the pendent lamp. The view of the dining table or sofa will be obstructed which is optional if it is not what you wish to feature. Make sure the mirror is reflecting something worth looking at. The last thing you want is to focus on unattractive furniture or a random clutter. Consider a statement mirror like one created with a cluster of smaller mirrors or elaborate borders for a bolder look. Stunning pattern and shape is alluring that the reflective surface at the center becomes an afterthought. For a classic look choose a simple geometric form such as rectangle or circle.

A small mirror is used when there is a clear object or view you would like to focus on. Center it behind the keepsake of your choice and show them off in all the angles possible and create a miniature gallery effect. Smaller mirrors are often used on a gallery wall as a break between the photos hung. Take advantage of the mirror borders to elaborate on the themes set for the photos. For example, a wooden sunburst mirror would compliment an outdoor theme whereas a brass ornate mirror gives a vintage feel.

Do not limit yourself to wall mirrors. There are a number of other places where a surprise mirror can give your decor the extra boost it needs. A tray with a mirror base can be a functional option with decorative flair. For something more sizeable, consider mirror furniture. They have a glamorous look and will trick your eye into thinking there is more space as it disappears into the space.  Every home needs a mirror. A mirror is a functional tool that provides a place to check on one's appearance and more often than not a decorative accessory to unify a space. They come in variety of options to meet your needs; they can be big, small, geometric, organic, traditional, modern, and many other styles and combinations. First determine the function of the mirror, then match it with your personal flair to figure out which one is right for you.


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