Designers Pick: January

 In this edition our choice palette of hues will be of warm yellows and greens accentuated by bold accents in silhouette form. The Pascal Sofa recedes into the background with its soft velour finish. The forefront being taken by the unique, bent sheet metal Akuna Coffee Table and elongated Castello Vase.


If we look at the table in particular we get a glimpse into ingenious product design via construction methods used to get this result. Only a single sheet was needed to be bent into the shape we see. Curves and corners chosen reduce the stiffness usually seen in standard sheetmetal design.


 A golden elephant trunk certainly makes for an eye catching vase. Little else needs to be said with the versatility provided by the piece, be it stand alone, with a large tropical leaf or even a rose.


The Pascal has a simple shape that can fit into almost any setting with a variety of furniture, which can be fine tuned for the finish to get a different colour or even a leather if so desired. Many more aspects fall in place easily like the painting, and side cushions.


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Patrik Lounge ChairPatrik Lounge Chair
Patrik Lounge Chair
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