Designers Pick: February

The new year of 2019 comes with a fresh palette and a new set of experiences. We start in the gray to white spectrum in all the selected pieces. Much like in black and white photography it is the silhouette and textures that make for an interesting composition.


This we achieve by the mixing of different materials. The fabric upholstered onto the Sakina lounge chair has a unique, uneven texture and form that evokes the smooth nature of the piece. This design is a more traditional take of the iconic Arne Jacobsen's collection of chairs. The back has the same support for the head as seen in the Butterfly Chair or Egg Chair.


Marble always is different. A mix of black with white accents seen here is generally known as Marquina marble. We juxtapose this against the chrome metal vases covered in indentations. This evokes an aspect euro modern design movement which has pieces constantly changing with each space - each a mix-mash of different eras through the times.




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Patrik Lounge ChairPatrik Lounge Chair
Patrik Lounge Chair
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