Small Space Solutions

Small Space Solutions

When working with smaller spaces, furnishing and decorating sometimes gets difficult. The goal is to make the space feel as open or as spacious as possible while keeping the space functional and stylish. Here are some ways to make that possible:

 Think Vertical:

When thinking about decorating a house or a room, people generally associate that with items that are placed on the floor. Vertical space is valuable, generally unused space that can be a game-changer when there is limited floor space. Accessories like art pieces are perfect for this!

 Using Your Space Effectively:

Sometimes, less is more. Make each piece of furniture earn its spot. Each piece takes up valuable space and if it is not needed than it should not be there. But, you should avoid under-furnishing as well! It is about finding the happy medium which the sales staff at Shelter Furniture are all trained to do.

 Small Furniture is Your Friend:

Smaller furniture pieces are often overlooked and under-appreciated. Small furniture will make the space seem bigger and can easily be moved when needed.

 Mirrors Double Your Space:

Place big mirrors across from windows or smaller mirrors on your walls and it can give the appearance of a room being twice as big. They reflect the light and allow the room to seem open. At Shelter, we have many shapes and styles of mirrors. Come in to find a mirror that works the best with your space.

 Keep Colours Simple:

Neutral colours allow small spaces to feel more open and inviting while still allowing full functionality of the room. Bright colours make rooms seem a lot smaller than they are to begin with which is an issue when there is already a lack of space to work with. Bright colours catch the eye and bring out the size of the room much more.

 Choosing the Right Sized Rug:

Choosing the correct sized rug is extremely important when decorating a room. A rug that is too large or small can emphasize the size in a smaller room and it also will not look good.

 Multifunctional Furniture Is a Must:

Multifunctional furniture pieces like pullout coaches are a must have for people working with smaller spaces. Multifunctional works as two pieces of furniture and uses half the space. Shelter has many choices of pull out sofas. Come in or call to inquire about the different colours and styles that we sell.

Shelter Furniture has many options for small spaces. We sell condo sofas, coffee tables that double as dining tables, chairs that can be used for both living room and dining room settings and storage beds. All of these items allow someone to use their space, no matter the size, to the fullest.

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