New Decade, New Furnishings

Ready to start the new decade on the right foot? We all look for motivation and inspiration during the new year, it could be a new fitness goal or learning a new skill. We spend so much time focusing on other goals but most of us neglect our own home. Wouldn’t you love to come back home after a long day at work to your own oasis? Make it a goal this year to decorate an oasis you can’t wait to come home and relax.


Find Your Inspiration

Our minds get creative when we can visually see something. For instance, an instagram post or a picture in a magazine that you like, wouldn’t you think about what you can do to mimic an idea from the image? In 2020, botanicals and boho inspired furniture is the current trend that every home decor lover would decorate their home into. You can always draw some ideas of it into your current home whether it be a potted plant or a macrame wall art to personalize it to your own. Love adding some sentimental decor? DIY your own, like knitting a large wool blanket or take a pottery class to make your own vase to store your plants in.


Declutter Your Home

New year, new you right? What’s the old broken plate still doing in your cupboard? We need to de-clutter all the useless things in our own home to make space for new things. If there is anything useless in your home don’t leave it sitting there, donate it to the local shelter or recycle it. Don’t just leave it to collect dust, like your blender or air fryer that you don’t use anymore. With a clean new space, you can then plan what you would love to see in your home everyday. Personally, new plants or flowers can freshen up your home in an instant. If you don’t like fresh plants, go with model plants to add a touch of life in your home instead.


Add "You" in Your Home

Still cannot think of where to start? Spark some ideas of your everyday routine and hobbies. Maybe it could be that you collect vintage trinkets or enjoy going to concerts & musicals, add that extra spazz of what defines you!


Patrik Lounge ChairPatrik Lounge Chair
Patrik Lounge Chair
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