Shelter Tips: How To Buy a Sofa

Start the process by looking for inspiration through design magazines and online resources.

Save or make notes of details that appeal to you such as:

  • Arm styles: Arm styles are available in traditional roll arms, contemporary tuxedo arms, wide and narrow arms


  • Seat cushions: See what style you gravitate towards. Traditional seating such as bench seat or three cushions and two cushions which tend to suggest a more contemporary look.


  • Back styles: You can choose from tight back sofa which present a more tidy and formal look. A loose back cushion require a bit more maintenance as they require fluffing but they tend to have a more casual and comfortable look. 


  • Finishing details: Finishing details can make or break a look. Pay attention to such detail as piping and tufting. Do you like a T-shaped cushion or a regular boxed cushion? Don't forget the lower part of the sofa. Do you prefer exposed legs, and keep in mind they are available in a variety of materials and finishes or do you like the traditional look of a skirted sofa. A modern style that sits lower to the ground. 


  • Frame: A quality sofa, frames are made by klin-dried hardwood which prevents warping and cracking. It is an essential part of the frame. Frames should also be double-doweled, corner blocked, screwed and glued. Some frames can also be made form plastic, metal or particleboard which will sometimes result in a more economical sofa.


  • Springs: Sofa's years ago hand "eight way hand tied" coils. Today they can create the same seating with a drop in coil unit. Don't forget sinuous springs which is the "s" shapes from front to back. Polypropylene webbing which is like a seatbelt material band that is woven from front to back.


  • Cushions: Cushions are traditionally made from foam wrapped in dacron. Other options include down wrapped foam. The foam should be a high density, this helps to prevent sagging. Density should 1.8 - 2.5 pounds per cubic foot.


  • Upholstery: Many sofas are available in a variety of materials: such as leather and fabrics. Polyester fibers are the most durable and can simulate the look of a natural fiber. One way to confirm the durability of the fabric to look at the double rub count. This will determine the durability of the fabric. 15,000 rubs is considered residential and 30,000 above is considered commercial. Leather is also a great option. There are many different types and quality levels, so be sure to find out how it will wear. 


These are some of the details to consider when choosing your sofa.



    By: Richard McLeod
    Shelter Furniture
    January 2018



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