Arne Jacobsen: Influence on Furniture Design Today

Arne Jacobsen was an early developer of modern Danish design and was known as one of the most influential architects and designers of the 20th century. In 1924 Jacobsen studied architecture for 3 years at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He was famous for his modern iconic designs such as the Egg, Ant, Series 7 and Swan Chair. Many of his designs were inspired by art and architecture and are still present in commercial areas till this day.


The Ant Chair

You guessed it, the Ant Chair was given its name due to the fact it looked like the insect. It was designed in 1951 for Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical company. The chairs were designed with 3 open legs giving space for legs to move when seated. The design was seen as not up to par for commercial use but later it became the inspiration of the Series 7 chair which is one of the best selling furniture pieces ever designed.


The Series 7 Chair

During the 1920s, the development of pressure moulding made it possible for the iconic Series 7 to be designed. Of course, the Ant Chair was an early development of the Series 7 Chair which also makes it a lightweight and versatile chair. The popularity of the chair skyrocketed after it was featured in a photograph with a nude model named Christine Keeler shot by Lewis Morely.


The Egg Chair

In 1958, Jacobsen took on a project to design the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. He designed everything from the architecture of the building to the furniture. The cocoon design of the Egg chair was to achieve an exclusive seating while in a communal setting.

Today, the Egg Chair can be found in many lobbies and lounges around the world. The Egg Chair is one of Arne Jacobsens most successful designs found in commercial areas.

At Shelter, we offer an alternative of The Egg Chair called The Jackson Lounge Chair which is our modern take on the iconic design. The Jackson features a confined silhouette with premium tan leatherette paired with a swivel copper metal base.


The Swan Chair

During the same time Jacobsen was taking on the Royal Hotel project he designed the Swan Chair. In fact he designed the chair in his very own home garage which he used a synthetic mould and then covered it with a layer of cold cured foam. It was then finished off by placing it on a star swivel base. The design stood out because of it’s curved silhouette and three dimensional shape separating it from common clean lined furniture.

We absolutely love the design of the Swan Chair which is why we offer our modern take on the chair called the Denton Lounge Chair. The Denton features a sophisticated curved silhouette in a black leatherette paired with a swivel copper metal base.



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