M4 Sectional


Picture of M4 Sectional

With its commanding welt, and defined silhouette, the M4 boasts a contemporary presence. Its clean lines extend throughout, giving this style an ethereal appearance. The polished chrome power details create a balance between true comfort and refined beauty.

LHF/RHF Wide Power Recliner : 43”W x 42”D x 31”H

Armless Chair: 34”W x 42”D x 31”H

Wide Armless Power Recliner: 34”W x 42”D x 31”H

LHF/RHF Chaise: 43”W x 63”D x 31”H

Table Top Wedge: 18”W x 41”D x 21”H

Stationary Loveseat: 70”W x 42”D x 31”H 

Corner Square with Headrest: 47”W x 47”D x 31”H

LHF/RHF Wide Stationary End: 43”W x 42”D x 31”H 

Wall Hugger Power Recliner: 43”W x 42”D x 31”H