With sustainability being on the forefront of what we stand for, it's a hot topic when it comes to interior circles around the globe. We at Shelter, whole heartedly believe that everyone should own at least a few sustainable pieces although a common myth being that eco friendly pieces sacrificing style for affordability. We're here to disprove that myth.

When it comes to furnishing your space, being sustainable is easier than you might think. In recent years, sustainability has become a blanket term for eco friendly practices. 

Many people want to be eco-friendly but are unsure of what being sustainable actually entails. In general, being sustainable boils down to avoiding things that are harmful to our environment. A simple example being discarded plastic packaging that takes decades to decompose.

Some sustainable practices can include:

  • Utilizing renewable energy over non-renewable
  • Using sustainable materials and practices
  • Opting for quality over quantity
  • Eliminating waste and conserving water

As the issue of sustainability continues to rise, it puts pressure on industries to think differently about where they source materials and practices and we're all for it! One of our main concerns here at Shelter are the issues of using non renewable resources in the new fast fashion world where items are being discarded as a faster and faster rate. To counter this, our primary goal is to continue to sell furniture that can be continually reuseddisassembled and then reused again such as the items within our sustainability collection

The booming interest in sustainability comes with a whole host of benefits for reducing our environmental footprint, some of which being listed below.


  • Reduces harmful emissions and a waste of resources
  • Protects the ecosystem and enhances the quality of air and water
  • Conserves water and reduces waste streams
  • Restores and protects natural resources
  • Grows and promotes the Green Market
  • Maximizes a product’s longevity
  • Cuts operation costs


  • Maximize the use of space.
  • Look for pieces using reclaimed or recycled materials.
  • Use materials produced in an eco friendly manner.
  • Plan for energy-efficient lighting.
  • Use non-toxic and non-polluting products.


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