Summer Decorating Ideas: Bring Life With Colour

It’s summer time, which means it’s time to be adventurous and try new things such as bringing in colour to your space!

Here are some inspirations and tips to help you decorate with colour for the Summer season.


A Little Goes a Long Way

Adding a little colour at a time is great for those who are not quite sure what they truly want yet. However, with a little colour you can easily switch them for something new. There’s no need to rush, start off small by adding bits of colour in your decorative accessories such as accent pillows, throws, bedding, florals etc. Experiment with different colours to see what speaks to you the most.


Take It Up a Notch

Now that you’ve added a bit of colour to your space you should be more confident in your palette. It’s time for you to choose some bigger and bolder statement pieces to introduce on items such as wall art, rugs and larger scale accessories. Be sure to choose pieces that express your personality and passion because making a statement is not only about colour, it’s about you as well.


It’s Time to Go Big!

You finally found your colour groove! Looks like your ready to commit to that bold colour sofa you've always wanted. Go big or go home is what they always say but it’s most important to do it the right way. Help from our designers can truly make a difference in your space. At Shelter our design consultants will gladly help you make these big decisions.


Colour Makes All The Difference

Still not sure yet? Here’s some inspiration we put together for anyone adding a little or a lot of colour to their space. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @shelterfurniture to keep an eye out for some new looks and inspirations that you can use for your space.


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Patrik Lounge Chair
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