As restriction measures are finally coming to an end, you may have realized that you've ended up spending way more time indoors these past couple years than usual. With many people switching to working from home, its important that your space reflects your daily usage as well as being something you can be proud of. Have you ever just wanted to refresh your space but didn't know where to start? If thats the case, this blog for you! Here, we will be sharing some of our secrets that we've acquired over the years to help you get started on the right track.


One the cheapest options to refresh your space is by getting rid of clutter accumulated over years. Dedicate a day to reconsider what you need and what you can let go of and donate or recycle it! If you'd rather get paid for your clutter. Consider turning it into cash by selling your items online or through a garage sale. Often times we keep items regardless of if we have a use for them due sentimental ideas and over time, it can cause your space to feel cluttered. When paired with cleaning, this combo is the cheapest and most surefire way to refresh your space as with the passage of time, your items will naturally tend to get dirty.


Creating a new layout for your living areas can be intimidating especially if you've grown to get used to the current flow of your space. Although, you'd be surprised to find out how drastic of a change it can accumulate to. When feeling creatively blocked, we recommend finding interior designs inspirations and layouts through Pinterest. Being a great tool for designers, they offer recommendations based on your aesthetic as well as your previous favourites. If you've been eyeing any pieces prior and they're on sales, this would be the time to make that purchase as this allows you to create the foundation of your room layout.


Another cost effective way to refresh your space is the by creating a new focal point as this helps tie your overall room together. Focal points assist you in drawing the eye away from the rest of a room and are a simple way to conceal unappealing elements. Some ways you can implement a focal point is through the use of art, architectural pieces and unique decor.


When it comes to choosing a rug, few pieces have the decorative prowess to tie a room together as effortlessly. The introduction of a new rug can immediately bring in warmth and texture while being an effective tool to add a splash of colour to your space. Before you decide to purchase a new rug, consider identifying the room the rug will live in and the purpose it’s meant to serve. Once you decide where it's going to go, make, make sure you get the size of your rug right. As a general rule of thumb, aim for a rug that can contain all the major elements of your space and help enhance the overall style of your space


If your space is feeling a little dull, consider swapping your old throw pillows to refresh the look of your sofa or bed. Pillows offer a nice splash of colour that can easily be swapped out to create a different looks making them an affordable yet versatile option to refresh your space. Get comfortable mixing patterns and textures to bring the most out of your pillows. When selecting throw pillows, make sure you pay extra attention to size of the pillows as you want them to scale nicely with your current furniture pieces. Remember, the pillows are accents to the piece, not the piece itself.


We believe houseplants are the home décor staple that will never go out of style. Not only do they lend well to a homey aesthetic, but they also help reduce stress and fatigue while being just nice to look at overall. Another benefit retains to its ability of being a natural air filter help to absorb toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen. We recommend you place your bulkier plants in any bare corners of your living room while styling your smaller plants on shelves or hanging fixtures.






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