Simple Living Room Ideas

The most functional space in your home should be your living room.  It is the centre of your home. You should feel comfort and relaxed through clean simple designs and decors while leaving all the clutter behind. A room should only have one or two focal points. Consider using soft and calm colours as well as increase the use of natural light to ease the mind and provide serenity.

Every item in the room should be placed with intention and purpose. Get rid of any items that are not working. Make sure pieces in the room are cleaned and up to date, this will boost the soothing quality of your space.


Simple As Can Be

When you create a room the sofa will be the centerpiece, so when choosing a sofa it should be one that best suits you and works with the size of your space. Strive for neutral colours and clean line designs that feel like it airs out your space. Keeping it simple can also mean just cleaning out clutter or any unnecessary decors.

Clear Clutter

The first step to achieving a clean visual in your space is to clear any unneeded clutter such as papers, magazines and any odd items that don’t fit in with your setting. It would be a good idea to add a closed storage unit in the room to minimize any clutter build up moving forward. It would help with cable management, storing away books and knick knacks.

Light It Up

Natural light can open up your space when done correctly. Avoid using heavy window treatments and go for translucent or sheer ones. Revamping your layout can help maximize the most light intake in your room.


Cleaning up your walls can help stir ideas of what works and what doesn’t in your living room space. Start by removing any wall arts or posters and see how your space feels without it. If you feel like the room is lacking visually, why not try adding a floor lamp or some simple greenery.

Accent Colours

Don’t be afraid to welcome in some unusual colours. This can bring a room to life even through an accent chair but make sure the base of the chair is neutral so it still ties in with the rest of the room. Another idea is simply changing your throw pillows, this can help freshen up the room and your sofa.


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