Holiday Decorating

Seasonal decoration authenticates the arrival of the holiday season. Decorating the home gives a joyful and festive atmosphere. Holiday motifs tend to get tacky. Traditional shaped ornaments for a tree like a bell or a star are overdone to a point were it now represents consumer culture rather than its spirit. The holiday is about the gathering of family and friends. It is a memorial event and the decor accompanying it should be long lasting. Decorations should feel appropriate for the holiday while still chic for the occasion. Below are some abstract decorating ideas to dress up your home.

Glimmer in Silver and Gold

To give your home a simple and elegant touch for the winter holidays, add a metallic or surface mirror. Home accessories such as lamps, candleholders, or minimal decor in these materials will look great in your space. Gold and silver coated objects are reflective in nature of which will emphasis the texture and form of your decor. Vases by the fireplace will reflect the flickering fire providing a area of interest. Candles on a metallic candle holder will work in a similar manner. The reflecting light keeps the room looking airy and neat. The cool tones are reminiscent of the winter season, bringing in the festive mood with or without snow outside. If you feel the tone is too cold, pair it up with some fluffy upholstery or a bit of a natural element via wooden decor.

 A Natural Accent

Wooden decor adds warmth and coziness into the space. They have a rustic charm that is reminiscent to our traditional roots. However this material has a strong characteristic with its rough outer textures and its organic patterns. In a more contemporary home, choosing a piece that is of wood, such as a lamp with a wooden shaft. A wooden piece with a coating in white can give that wintery touch. Wooden decorations in a minimalistic setting can maximize its impact.

Festive Color

Throws and pillows will keep you warm this winter and make your space feel the same way. Use festive colours with your upholstery to bring the holidays into your home. Linen with texture and holiday motifs have a fleeting lifespan thus we opt for using festive colours. A Glittery white, gold or silver pattern can do wonders. For those more adventurous, add deep shades of red or green throw pillows and throws. Changing the accent colour can spontaneously transform the mood of your space.





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