With the new year finally here, many of our homes have received more love, care, and attention than ever before. With the pandemic still upon us, there's nothing more fun for us home editors than to predict the home design trends that we can expect within the months ahead.

It is good to know what is trending right now that way you don’t make design decisions that may make your space look dated. We hope that this blog helps you stay on trend when it comes to design and style.


With furniture design trends changing every year, something that has stayed from 2021 is curved and sculptured silhouettes. Often used as a statement pieces in a space, sculptured silhouettes can be incorporated in a variety of ways such as in seating as well as decor. Sculptural designs being perfect for people who aren't big fans of colours or patterns but still want something unique.


With lockdowns being the new normal, our living spaces have transitioned to double as our work rooms. With 2022 continuing the trend of covid variants, we expect many rooms are now designed with a more functional approach in mind. Such examples could be dining rooms now being lined with storage as per it being the new conference room.


If you’ve been meaning to update your interior decor and are looking for something on trend, sustainable accents have got you covered. Bringing in a rich sense of history and spirit into a space. Sustainable accents are coming back in style for 2022. The best part is, you don’t have to remodel the entire room to pull it off. Sprinkling in a few pieces can completely change the atmosphere of an entire room. We at Shelter believe that by repurposing the old, into something new, we can reduce our environmental footprint while bringing stylish options that will last a lifetime.


With the new year around, many people are looking to renovate their space. Often overlooked, something you should look out for are your floors. Gone are the days of dark wooden floors. Looking dated, they show a lot of dust and dirt while not very being very practical. Opt for sandy oak floors with lighter undertones as they will be more versatile while looking more inviting.


Going full force into 2022, smart homes have been continually evolving and are set to be taking over this year. With new advances in technology, many designers are embracing virtual designs by leveraging it to create immersive spaces that are both engaging, functional as well as contemporary. 




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