Choosing The Right Dining Table For Your Home

From dinner parties to late night tea, the dining table is a place of gathering for many different occasions. When choosing a dining table you should consider some key factors such as your space, your style, your budget and the construction of the table.

Balance And Sizing

Start of by simply using a measuring tape to measure the length and the width for the dedicated space for the dining table. In order to get a target dining table length and width, subtract about six feet from each of the measurements. You would also want to consider having three feet of space on all sides of the table. This way you and your guests can sit comfortably in a chair.


Consider Your Needs

Rectangular dining tables can accommodate more people than round dining tables. You can fit even more people if the table has an extensions. Bench seating can also be an option.

When working with a small space, round or square tables would be the best option because they are more compact. Go for designs with soft corners or no corners at all which, this can create coziness and comfort. Round or oval tables can be great if you hold lots of social events since there is no head of the table.


How’s Your Social Life?

Social life plays a big role in the size and type of dining table you need. Are large family dinners part of your lifestyle at home? If that’s the case then large tables with extensions will be the most optimal choice. No matter what the situation is for your guest list whether it is expanding or shrinking, having table extensions can accommodate any size group. If only three people are regularly using the table daily, something small and round would be the most ideal option.



When investing in a dining table you would want to heavily consider the materials and construction that goes into it. If you are working with a budget, materials like solid wood veneer, walnut and mango wood are beautiful and affordable.


Surface Area Options:

Glass: Perfect for small spaces. Looks and feels like bulky. It can open up small spaces.

Wood: Provides a warm and intimate feel to a room. Different woods and unique grains can create a nature inspired look and feel.

Acrylic: Comes in a variety of colors and shapes. It is more durable than glass.

Marble: Provides a minimalist design for those who are passionate about minimalism. It also brings a more cooler feel to a room.


Different Base Options:


Pro: More flexible, you can add more people when needed.

Con: You lose space at the ends of the table


Pro: Base is at the centered so you can squeeze people around.

Con: Can possibly be a less sturdy option.


Pro: Lots of leg and knee space. Able to cross your legs easily.

Con: Limited to extending without it arching in the middle.


Exploring different leg options can create interesting and unique dining room settings. The legs of your table does not necessarily need to match your chairs, different combinations can have a positive impact on the look of your dining space. When selecting a table make sure to actually sit at it to see if your legs have enough space for your knees to cross and go underneath the table.



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