4 Ways To Introduce "Cwtch" In Your Space

What is Cwtch?

Cwtch is a Welsh-English word that defines a feeling of comfort, warmth and security. The word is pronounced “kutch,” which rhymes with “butch” making it easier for English speakers to pronounce. The most common English translation for the Welsh word is either “hug” or “cuddle”. The second meaning for Cwtch translates to “cubbyhole” or “cupboard” which is a small enclosed space to safely store your belongings. Combining the two meanings together expresses a more meaningful term to the word which is a sense of being surrounded or safely secured in someone's arms.

Introducing Cwtch at Home

The feeling of cwtch is portrayed through achieving an inviting and comfortable living atmosphere. In order to achieve this feeling Shelter offers many pieces that will contribute to cwtch. Designers must go further than just simply updating the decor. Seeking to incorporate trends from different cultures can help create sophisticated homes that will enlighten and relax your state of mind.


Let it Sink in

Plush furniture or deep couches are commonly found in cwtch inspired homes because you tend to feel more safe and secured as you sink into your seat with warm soft blankets and pillows. This feeling can be compared with sharing a hug with someone you love.  


Personal items such as family portraits and objects with deep sentimental value as well as antique decorative objects adds a sense of personalization which is key in cwtch homes. Displaying photos of those you love and places you visited can bring back memories and create a sense of cwtch.

Warm your space

Having a fireplace is the easiest way to cozy up your home by using warmth. Candles are an effective substitute since their fragrances can bring you back in time and provide a warm glow in order to achieve cwtch in your space.

Loved Ones

Gathering together with your family and friends can make your home feel safe and warm. Staying connected with your loved ones and creating happy moments together significantly adds to the cwtch atmosphere of your home.



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